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Metin Seven

Freelance visualizer, illustrator and 3D designer, located in the Netherlands.

⌛ Former Blender Foundation Technical Artist, news cartoonist, comic strip creator, TV show animator, magazine editor and 16-bit game developer.

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If you like my work and/or social media activity, you can appreciate it with a commission, purchase or donation. Many thanks.

🌐 Miscellaneous

🕹️ Team Hoi game devs (± 1988-1998)

Team Hoi (previously known as Soft Eyes / SoftEyes) was among the first game developers in the Netherlands, creating games, tools and demos for 16-bit computers, such as the Commodore Amiga, CD32 console, MS-DOS and Windows. Team Hoi's productions were published internationally on diskettes and CD-ROMs, partly in the pre-internet era, and reviewed in various printed computer magazines around the world.

💾 More retro-computing